Downtown Business News

City offers discounted parking programs

by Kathryn Burgess

Street and garage parking can add up and become costly over time when you work downtown. The City of Sacramento offers discounted parking programs for part-time employees who work in the urban core. NEW: QUALIFYING WAGE LIMITS … READ MORE

Old Sacramento kicks off event season

by Kathryn Burgess

Old Sacramento is a major destination in Downtown Sacramento and draws an estimated 3.3 million visitors annually. This historic district is home to some of Sacramento’s signature events that take place throughout the year. These events … READ MORE

Minimum Wage = Maximum DSP Engagement

by Kathryn Burgess

Back in December, Mayor Johnson, Vice Mayor Allen Warren, and Councilmember Jay Schenirer stated publicly their interest in having a discussion about increasing the minimum wage in Sacramento above what state law requires ($9/hr now … READ MORE

Federal Budgets & Streetcar Ballots

by Kathryn Burgess

On February 2, we received news that the President’s FY 16 budget set aside $75 million for the federal government’s match on the downtown streetcar project, which has now been endorsed by DSP, as well … READ MORE

Downtown Policy Perspectives

by Lisa Martinez

The Downtown Partnership advocates for its stakeholders at all levels of government, and there has been a flurry of activity of note at City Hall and at the State Capitol on which DSP took positions. Now … READ MORE


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