Clean Streets

Fighting grime one street at a time.

DSP is dedicated to creating a clean environment Downtown. DSP’s Clean & Safe team takes an integrated approach working with the Safe Streets, Navigator homeless outreach team, and Clean Streets maintenance team patrolling downtown public sidewalks and alleys.

The Clean Streets team works seven days a week to help keep downtown looking its best. The team responds to on-call maintenance issues, removes graffiti and litter, pressure washes alleys and sidewalks, and maintains alleys. DSP reports and escalates maintenance and nuisance issues to the City of Sacramento using DSP’s reporting system and the City’s 311 system. The Clean Streets team removes an average of 34,000 pieces of graffiti and 830,000 gallons of trash and debris from downtown streets on an annual basis.

Our services include: (Service levels vary based on geography.)

  • Graffiti Removal
  • Litter Abatement
  • Pressure Washing
  • Clean Alley Program
  • Solid Waste Collaborative
  • Street Light Audit


The DSP provides services, which we believe are an invaluable part of the fabric of Sacramento. As a downtown building owner the guides have been a big part of keeping downtown a friendly and safe place for people to come. They have always been helpful and friendly and assist in many ways to address problems as they arise in the area as well as just being of general assistance to people visiting the downtown area.

The Clean Streets team is very dedicated to keeping downtown clean. After participating in two downtown clean- ups with them in the core area, I can personally attest that this team is not only friendly and helpful but they get a ton of work done and I cannot imagine what the area would look like without them.


Mike Klagenberg
Church of Scientology