Old Sacramento Infrastructure Updates

The area around Old Sacramento is the focus of several infrastructure projects that will continue to improve the visitor experience in the historic riverfront district.  For those wondering, here’s a partial list of projects:

Waterfront Boardwalk
:  At nearly three decades old, the city approved funding to rebuild the wooden waterfront boardwalk and the barge that serves the Delta King.  Exact plans are not yet available and a contractor has not been announced.  The wooden boardwalk serves the Delta King, Rio City Café, Hornblower Cruises, and Joe’s Crab Shack as well as the Old Sacramento public docks.  City staff have indicated a willingness to consider more durable materials for the waterfront, while still maintaining the same visitor experience.  Some property and business owners (and the media) have expressed confusion whether the covered wooden sidewalks are included in the renovation plans; they are not.  Currently, repairs to damaged sidewalk slats are made as necessary with readily available materials.

Second and Capitol Connections:  As the first phase of plans that will improve connectivity to the Riverfront Promenade at Capitol, N and Q streets, the City is finalizing plans and financing that will provide a vehicle intersection from 2nd Street in Old Sacramento to Capitol Mall.  The job is not expected to be advertised until late in the fall with construction not starting before the spring, but city staff have expressed interest in the connection being completed by the opening of the Downtown Arena.  The connection will include a ramp or bridge that will connect 2nd Street at L over Neasham Circle and to Capitol Mall, while still allow access under Capitol to the Riverfront Promenade south of Embassy Suites.   The connection will provide improved vehicular accessibility from the Tower Bridge and Capitol Mall, and with planned widening of the sidewalks on the Capitol overpass of I-5, there should be an improvement to pedestrian and bicycle access as well.

Façade Lighting:  The City’s Department of Convention, Culture and Leisure, has recently presented to Old Sacramento property owners plans for LED-based façade lighting system in Old Sacramento for both public spaces and privately-owned buildings.   Using the same lighting designers that lit the Memorial Auditorium, the design includes elements that will provide better nighttime illumination of the sidewalks and will showcase the variety of façade styles.  The next phase of the project is to showcase a couple of buildings and to provide property owners with cost estimates.

Tunnel Lighting:  The first phase of improving the lighting in the K Street tunnel under Interstate 5 was completed May 21 in time for the
Sacramento Music Festival.   The existing fluorescent lights were replaced with LED T8 tubes.  The new tubes produce the same lumen output while providing better visibility and color rendering.  The second phase is slated to be completed in July and will add colored LED lights that will further enhance the tunnel experience.  The City team that is working on the K Street tunnel project had also created the lighting solution on the Richards Boulevard/I-5 overpass.