Engage in Your Community

Working closely with downtown property and business owners, residents, and stakeholders, Downtown Sacramento Partnership advocates for city, county, and state policies that support economic prosperity and cultural vitality downtown.

We regularly testify before and work in concert with City Council, Planning & Design Commission, County Board of Supervisors, Sacramento Regional Transit, and others to champion the interests of downtown stakeholders and impact the outcome of critical issues.

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Economic Development

Downtown Sacramento Partnership helps to pave the way for exciting, creative, and inclusive economic development ventures in the downtown core by working to cultivate home grown entrepreneurs, housing development of all types, and enhancing the urban environment as a destination for capital investment.

Public Realm Management

Collaborating with our public safety partners and community response teams, Downtown Sacramento Partnership advocates for measures to keep downtown safe and welcoming for those who do business, recreate, and reside downtown.

Climate & Transportation

Downtown Sacramento Partnership advocates for active transportation measures that enhance public transit systems which promote mobility, support climate goals, and encourage streamlined access to the downtown core including last mile solutions.

Policy Advisory Committee

The Public Policy Advisory Committee is a representation of downtowns stakeholders with diverse interests and expertise who assemble on a regular basis to provide input and drive current downtown policy initiatives. The committee meets every second Thursday of each month from 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., and is invitation only. For questions or interest, please email [email protected].


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Keep it Safe

We want you and your employees to feel safe downtown. We'll have an entire list of resources you can use at all times. In the meantime, if you need assistance, contact the Sacramento Police Department at …

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