Managing Our Environment

Collaborating with our public safety partners and community response teams, Downtown Sacramento Partnership advocates for measures to keep downtown safe and welcoming for those who do business, recreate, and reside downtown. Here’s how the Partnership advocated for our environment in the last year:

Sacramento City Measure O Ballot and City/County Legal Binding Agreement Endorsed Measure O as well as the creation of the legal binding partnership between the City and County that will bring forward much needed outreach services, service centers, shelter, and additional resources to address the unhoused crisis.
Central City Multi-Service Team Pilot ProgramLaunched the Central City Multi-Service Team pilot program in partnership with the Midtown Association, the city’s Department of Community Response and HOPE Cooperative. Deployed weekly, this outreach team is dedicated to connecting with unhoused individuals within the district, providing direct resources, linkages to services, and support in real time. 
Sidewalk Ordinance & Critical InfrastructureAdvocated for unanimous passage of City sidewalk regulation that requires at least four feet of space to remain clear for pedestrians and cyclists. Supported updated critical infrastructure list to include K-12th Schools. 
Mays Consent Decree & Jail ImpactsAdvocated for enhanced conditions in the Sacramento County Main Jail in response to the Mays Consent Decree and increased services for those justice involved, including community reunification programs, truncated release times, and embedded acute and subacute mental health services.
Pre-Pandemic Bail ScheduleElevated request for instatement of pre-pandemic bail schedule to mitigate impacts of zero bail policy.
Downtown Specific PrioritiesPrioritized district requests around key initiatives including: expedited lighting and camera installation, administrative staffing support for the police department, resources for the central city multi-service team and investment in nighttime economy manager role. 
County ARPA Additional FundingSecured $330,000 in ARPA funding from District 1 to promote health and safety throughout the downtown district.
Coordinated Access System Supported the Coordinated Access System, to make critical improvements to the local homeless response system and data system in HMIS, providing a centralized access point with 24/7 operations to be staffed by trained 2-1-1 staff.
Surplus Property Donation to Downtown Sacramento PartnershipObtained the city’s donation of five trash trailers and one work truck to bolster DSP’s clean and safe program.
Midyear Budget RequestsAdvocated for additional positions for the Department of Community Response, Code Enforcement and Community Oriented Policing Services (CORPS) as part of the city’s midyear budget
SB 1338 (Umberg) – PassedSupported the passage of CARE Court legislation which will address individual untreated mental health crises by providing individuals with clinically appropriate, community-based and court-ordered Care Plans.
AB 1886 (Cooper) – FailedOpposed AB 1886 to prevent interference with routine maintenance of sidewalks, breezeways, corridors, curbs and gutters performed by PBIDs.
SB 262 (Hertzberg) – FailedEngaged with SB 262 to oppose the implementation of a zero bail policy, ensuring that enforcement mechanisms are properly utilized to discourage repeat offenders and violent individuals are removed from the streets.