Building Our Businesses

Downtown Sacramento Partnership helps to pave the way for exciting, creative, and inclusive economic development ventures in the downtown core by working to cultivate home-grown entrepreneurs, housing developments of all types, and enhancing the urban environment as a destination for capital investment. Here’s how the Partnership supported initiatives for building business in the last year:

Measure NEndorsed Measure N, an update on the use of city transient occupancy tax revenue to allow the city to invest its funds into tourism-related projects that create jobs and economic growth.
Enhanced Infrastructure Financing DistrictProvided critical feedback on the Mayor’s Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District proposal to create incentives to further the growth and development within the urban core.
New Building Electrification Participated in a coalition of business owners and advocates to ensure that the key business categories would remain exempt from the New Building Electrification Ordinance until technology is feasible and readily available for conversion. 
Community Benefits Agreement Ordinance Engaged in preliminary community outreach meetings to raise concerns with the Community Benefits Agreement Ordinance and its potential impact on positioning Downtown Sacramento as a destination for capital investment projects.
Assembly District 6 Funding Secured state funding from the Office of Assemblymember McCarty to increase activations, enhance lighting, and foster creativity in opportunity zones within the Downtown district.
Mini Sacramento Supported development of the Mini Sacramento Children’s Play Area to activate public open space and recreational opportunities within the Old Sacramento Waterfront.
Al Fresco Dining ProgramPrioritized the commitment to the continued recovery of dining venues and long-term vibrancy of Sacramento by advocating for the Al Fresco Dining Grant Program, resulting in a streamlined access system to ensure the permanency of outdoor dining patios.
Residential Development ProjectsSupported urban multi-family residential development throughout the central city including projects such as: 905 S Street
12 & E, 525 S Street. 
Economic Development Supported the streamline of community development projects that brought forward enhanced vitality of the central city including: 24R TheaterJuno, and opposed designation of 2131 Q Street in order to bring forward much needed housing. 
AB 2592 (McCarty) – PassedEngaged in the passage of AB 2592, which will develop a plan to transition underutilized, multistory state buildings into housing to expand housing in California.
SB 1370 (Pan) – PassedSupported SB 1370 to grant CapRadio with an Alcoholic Beverages License in a new downtown event space, ensuring that CapRadio can serve as an events and culture hub for the local community.
Revitalizing Downtown Act – In ProgressEngaged in continued support of the Revitalize Downtown Act to provide an investment credit for adaptive reuse of office buildings.