Downtown Guides

Highly recognizable in their yellow and black uniforms, the Downtown Guides act as downtown good-will ambassadors, providing visitors with directions and assistance while also acting as “eyes and ears” for local law enforcement agencies to control nuisance behavior. Downtown Guides patrol downtown streets seven days a week. They assist with reporting criminal and nuisance activity and work with law enforcement to improve public safety downtown. On an annual basis, the guide team makes an average of 20,000 merchant contacts and provide directions and assistance over to 18,000 downtown pedestrians.

Basic Services

  • Direct and assist visitors
  • Serve as eyes and ears for local law enforcement
  • Document and report graffiti
  • Deter aggressive panhandling
  • Deter drinking in public

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Thursday: 8 am – 6 pm
  • Friday– Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm

To request Guide service within the Downtown District, call 916-442-2200.



“I’d like to compliment the Downtown Guides and let you know how much I truly do appreciate their presence around here. As the Manager at the Smith Gallery, I come in early sometimes and it’s nice to know that the guides are here. There have been occasions when I have been at the gallery alone. I personally feel that they do provide a much-needed presence, and are very helpful, it’s also nice to know that they are able to quickly respond to a call that the police officers would not come out for. From what I have experienced with the guides, they are very friendly, polite, and well trained in conflict resolution techniques. I have seen the guides defuse a situation calmly. The guides are a wonderful asset, it’s great to see them out and about.”

Cordially yours,

Lari Miyamoto
Smith Gallery