New: Old Sacramento Maintenance

Starting October 18, DSP will provide street-level maintenance services in Old Sacramento based on the contract approved by City Council. This will be in addition to the core services our PBID already provides with our Guides Clean & Safe Truck 2013and Homeless Outreach Navigators.

“By leveraging the efficiencies of our existing Community Services team in Old Sacramento, DSP will be able to deliver improved coordinated services. We commend the City for being a great partner and allowing this public-private partnership to take place,” said Dion Dwyer, DSP Director of Community Services. “Our goal in accepting these duties is to create a seamless service approach for our stakeholders and provide an enhanced pedestrian experience in Old Sacramento, one of our region’s top destinations.”

For more details about the street-level maintenance services and who is responsible for what, click here. If you’d like further information, please contact Dion Dwyer at 916-442-8575.