Fork 2 Farm Relief + Restocking Grants

The fate of our independent restaurants and ag-related retailers are inextricably linked with our region’s small farms, which made the COVID-19 pandemic especially damaging to small businesses. These businesses rely on local small farms for fresh produce, meats, and ingredients to create the unparalleled farm-to-fork menus and products that have inspired our regional identity. Restaurants and retailers that sell products supplied from our local agriculture community struggled to stay open and remain financially viable during the pandemic, along with the farms that rely on their patronage. A decision to cease operations would leave a gap in the community’s food supply chain.

Fork 2 Farm Relief + Restocking Grants supported qualified small farms and provided restaurants and ag-related retailers with immediate debt relief and/or support to restock and prepare for expanded operations. While these grants were a short-term solution to what will be a longer-term issue, they were an important first part of our regional efforts to alleviate the total economic cost of this pandemic and preserve America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital.

Fork 2 Farm Relief + Restocking Grants directly remitted payment to nominated agricultural vendors/suppliers for current or past due invoices to alleviate the applicant’s debt in this expense category, providing much-needed cashflow to small farms and directly impacting the sustainability of our community.

Photo Credit: Grange Restaurant & Bar 


Congratulations to the grantees!

Restaurants/Retailers: Magpie * Foundation Restaurant Bar & Grill * Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co. * The Golden Bear * The Allspicery * Camden Spit & Larder * Mulvaney’s B&L * Solomon’s Delicatessen * Revolution Winery & Kitchen * Tipsy Putt * Tiger Bar & Restaurant * Tapa The World * House Kitchen & Bar * Red Rabbit * Lucca * The Rind * Tank House BBQ * Grange * Kimpton Sawyer * Capitol Garage * The Porch * Broderick Roadhouse * Sellands Market Cafe Broadway * Ella * De Vere’s * The Firehouse * Hawks Provisions + Public House * Canon 

Farms: Produce Express * Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms * Watanabe * Azolla Farms * Backroad Beekeeping * Patrick’s Garden * McArdle Distribution * Sunh Fish Co. * Sysco * RW Seafood * Reeds Gourmet Meat * Root 64 * Heringer Vineyards * Seka Hills * General Produce * Lucky Dog Ranch *  Passmore Ranch * Oakmont Earth Arts * The Bee Box * Bledsoe * V. Miller Meats * Richards Grassfed Beef * Williamson Farms * The Mushroom & Cheese Co. * Bariani Olive Oil * Firey Ginger Farm * Perry Farms * Capay Valley Farm Shop * Del Monte Capitol Meat Co. * The Flower Farm * Orchard Delights * Ladyhawke Farm * Twin Peaks Orchards * Full Belly Farm

Fork 2 Farm Relief + Restocking Grants were intended to meet an immediate need for urgent relief. After being reviewed for eligibility, all grant applications were reviewed blindly by the selection committee consisting of representatives from the Downtown Sacramento Foundation, Visit Sacramento, Downtown Sacramento Partnership, and Bank of America. Awards were made on a rolling basis weekly until funds were depleted.

  • Fork 2 Farm Relief + Restocking Grants were awarded as long as funds were available:
  • Grants were up to $4,000 per applicant or $5,000 (cumulative) per agricultural vendor/supplier.
  • Grants were paid directly to the agricultural vendor/supplier.
  • Grants were distributed by the Downtown Sacramento Foundation once all required documentation was received from the applicant and nominee.
  • Not all requests were awarded.


Grants are distributed by the Downtown Sacramento Foundation with support from Visit Sacramento and Downtown Sacramento Partnership, through funding from Bank of America.