New Resource: Get Around Downtown


With the exciting changes happening in Downtown Sacramento, the way people get around is evolving. We’re encouraging people to explore alternate methods of transportation including Regional Transit, biking, walking, etc. To spread awareness of the changes and promote these alternate methods, we’ve created updated our  “Get Around” web page on The page includes information on parking, public transportation, biking, walking and links to all available resources. 

This blog,”Your Guide To Getting Around Downtown Sac,” provides a quick rundown of the new “Get Around” web page and will help you better understand the new features and resources we have made available.

To make the transition as easy as possible, we are asking you to help us promote the new resources through your business or personal social media channels. We have developed a few posts for you to select from. Feel free to copy and paste the post as is, personalize it, or use it as inspiration and write your own! 

Thank you for helping us spread the word! We appreciate you ensuring that your customers and friends are prepared for the changes and continue to enjoy Downtown Sacramento. 


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