Plastic Bags Banned in Downtown Sac


Downtown Sac is saying goodbye to single-use plastic bags! Earlier in 2015, City Council established the Reusable Bag OrdinanceUnder the new law, single-use plastic bags are no longer available throughout Sacramento as of January 1, 2016. This means grocery stores, convenience stores, large pharmacies, supermarkets, or any stores with grocery or pharmacy departments will no longer supply plastic bags for customers.

For downtown business owners, the Reusable Bag Ordinance requires stores to charge a minimum of ten cents for each recycled paper bag or reusable bag provided to customers at the point of sale.

Certain stores are exempt from the plastic bag ban. According to ordinance exemptions, Sacramento restaurants, farmer’s markets and retail stores that do NOT sell food and do NOT have a pharmacy are not required to ban single-use plastic bags. A full description of stores subject to the plastic bag ban can be found in the City Code Ordinance 5.154.

For downtown shoppers, you can purchase paper bags or reusable bags at checkout, carry your purchases in your arms, or Bring Your Own Sac (#BYOSac). We recommend the free #BYOSac option. Time to dig deep, search your pantries and closets for those conference swag bags you’ve been collecting throughout the year. The trick is to keep them handy – toss a few reusable bags in the trunk of your car, slip one under your office desk, or shove a small one in the bottom of your purse or briefcase.

More info can be found at Here’s to a cleaner and greener Sacramento!