Golden 1 Center Planning Updates


Photo Courtesy: City of Sacramento


In May, the City Manager’s Office presented a planning and status update of the Golden 1 Center to City Council. From challenges and solutions, to focus areas and opportunities, the project planning is well underway. With the support of the downtown task force – DSP, the City, Regional Transit, Sac PD, and downtown property owners – when the welcome mat rolls out in October, the central city experience will be enjoyable and stress-free.

How DSP is leading each focus area:

  • Security
    Security networks – private and public security working together ­– are being created by connecting all security task forces on the same communications channels to mitigate boisterous behavior in the downtown core.
  • Transportation
    Pedestrian activity is being monitored to glean patterns of crowd flow – like how in the heart of The Kay foot traffic doubles on the weekends between the hours of 12-2 a.m. – and help predict and ease traffic congestion during events at G1C.
  • Parking
    Best practices are being developed for property owners who plan to open and operate private parking garages during events, ensuring visitors are able to utilize available parking in the most efficient manner.
  • Entertainment
    Security zones are being designated around the arena, which will include new requirements for entertainment permits, such as more sophisticated camera systems and I.D. scanners, to manage a more dynamic crowd and ensure a safe experience for all visitors.
  • Lighting and wayfinding
    Lighting standards and improvements are being made to corridors and buildings around the arena as part of a larger effort to increase walkability, safety, and pedestrian flow throughout downtown.
  • Transit
    Strides have been made for light rail security and station infrastructure beginning with the recent addition of 26 transit officers, the designation and implementation of fare evasion zones, and the $1.3 million upgrade to the 7th & Capitol stop.

DSP is playing an integral role in all focus areas regarding the ease and access of the arena, and we will keep you updated as more progress is made.

Take a closer look at all the efforts being made by DSP, the City, and Regional Transit to make the arena a positive experience for residents and guests.