Bring on the housing!

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As people want to work, shop, play and live in the same area, Downtown Sacramento is becoming a more and more appealing place to live. With the activity surrounding the Golden 1 Center, proposed nearby MLS Stadium, and the vibrant arts, culture, and award-winning dining available on the grid, there’s no question why downtown Sacramento is turning heads!

Last Tuesday, the city’s Community Development Department shared big numbers with City Council. The outlook for new housing in downtown Sacramento is looking better and better!

About 13,000 new downtown housing units are at some stage of planning or development and since January 2015, 781 have become available.

“The more people that live downtown, the more people that have jobs downtown, the closer they are to where they work,” the Mayor said during Tuesday night’s council meeting. “It builds on the business development that’s already been going on. And then when you have people living downtown, it creates the economic kind of generator that we want to have downtown[1].”

InDowntownToolkit11The efforts to spur new residential development are part of Mayor Kevin Johnson’s Downtown Housing Initiative. With a goal to build 10,000 new places to live in downtown over the next 10 years, the numbers announced by the city this week are a big deal!

But, creating 10,000 new places to live downtown is no easy endeavor. To support developers to bring on more housing, the City of Sacramento has launched a new online resource – Downtown Developer Toolkit – to consolidate some of the most important information downtown developers need to know in one place, from conceptual plans through construction.

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The toolkit was a big undertaking and is a huge step for Sacramento. DSP worked with staff during the development process and will continue to support the city to update and improve the toolkit to keep it up to date.

A strong, viable and balanced housing market in the city’s core has long been a top priority of DSP. We are committed to ensuring Sacramento does not lose sight of the significant obstacles that make residential development downtown difficult.

Together with downtown developers, the city and residents, we can simplify the process to encourage more development in Downtown Sacramento.

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[1] Fox 40