Meet DSP Downtown Guides Supervisor, Robb Brown


Meet Robb Brown, one of our Downtown Guides supervisors. DSP’s Downtown Guides team, recognizable in their yellow and black uniforms, patrol seven days a week acting as downtown good-will ambassadors, providing visitors with directions and assistance while also acting as “eyes and ears” for local law enforcement agencies to control deter behavior.

Take a minute to get to know Robb.



Q: Tell us about your role at DSP.

A: My team and I:

  • help people locate businesses, retail shops and restaurants;
  • provide public transit assistance;
  • guide visitors to parking garages and help find lost cars;
  • perform citizen escorts, steer away panhandlers and notifying local Sac PD about chronic inebriates;
  • and, work closely with our team of navigators to assist with homeless and those suffering from mental health illnesses.

The Downtown Guides play a vital role in creating a walkable, urban district. Every day I come to work I feel a sense of civic pride knowing that we are true ambassadors for our downtown district. And although each day brings something new, one thing remains constant – we provide friendly guidance and knowledgeable assistance to visitors.


Q: How long have you worked for DSP and what do you like most about working here?

A: I have proudly been a DSP Downtown Guide for over 14 years. I truly love playing such a vital role in shaping the future of Sacramento. I am definitely #SacramentoProud, and I take pride in everything my team and I get to do for our great city.


Q: What makes downtown Sacramento a great destination?

A: Downtown Sacramento is an awesome destination that’s only getting better as we grow and transform through this current renaissance. We are creating an identity as a world-class city and at the helm of it all is the beautiful new Golden 1 Center. The attention and energy around the arena is making downtown Sacramento the region’s premier entertainment center. And this is just the beginning. This thrilling reinvigoration of downtown has so much life left – the Railyards and riverfront are next.


Q: What changes have you seen take place in downtown since your time with DSP?

A: Since I started, the downtown district has really evolved in ton of ways. Our guide program has been transformed and re-invented in so many ways. We are now trained in how we assist the transient population and those experiencing mental health issues. The hands-on relationships we have with the men and women who suffer from homelessness and mental illness allows us to properly provide whatever assistance they need.

There is an obvious new abundance of life in the district that wasn’t around 15 years ago. The whole central city is being connected and enlivened in a way that is inviting and exciting for new and returning visitors.


Q: Favorite place to eat in downtown Sac? What do you order?

A: Dad’s…and I’ve probably tried half of the things on their menu, VERY delicious!


Q: Are you a Sacramento native? If so, where were you born? Where did you attend high school?

A: Yes, I’m proudly born and raised in Sacramento thought I’ve lived in Las Vegas an Boston. No matter what, I always seem to make my way back home.

I attended Hiram Johnson West Campus High School.


Q: Where do you go to grab a beer or drink? What do you order?

A: If I were to grab a drink somewhere, I’d probably hit up De Vere’s or Firestone Public House on the east side of our district. Both are the perfect place to catch a game and meet a fellow Kings/Republic FC/River Cats fan.


Q: Coffee or tea? Where do you get it?

A: Coffee for sure! I have a few spots…if I’m in Old Sac I always go to Steamers. If I’m in the heart of downtown, I go to Temple or Grace Coffee Roasters.


Q: Dogs or cats?

A: I love both, but will say cats for now…my family and I have one crazy, but still incredibly loveable fat cat, HA!


Q: Bike, car, or public transportation?

A: Public transit is my go to most of the time. It’s really easy to get downtown with RT. When I do have to drive, I always take advantage of the City garages – takes all the work out of finding a parking spot.


Q: People would be surprised to know that….

A: Even though DSP’s Downtown Guides have been around over 20 years, there are always visitors that don’t frequent downtown, or who are from out of town, that we run into for the first time and when we help them, their appreciation makes spending a day in the Sacramento heat, well worth it.