Sunset Sips

We’re entering summer 2023 with a new downtown promotion, Sunset Sips! 

Following the success of Dine Downtown, summers in downtown Sacramento are another time where you could use a boost in business. Our goal with the inaugural Sunset Sips program is to capture the attention of downtown employees and residents before they head home during a notoriously slow time of year in the hospitality industry. 

By participating in Sunset Sips, you can get creative with your $5, $7, $9 drink menu. Tell your bartenders and staff to put their best foot forward because there will be a friendly Best Sunset Sips Cocktail competition. Consumers will vote for the bar/restaurant with the best cocktails in town. The winner will receive a monetary prize, which will then be donated to their charity of choice. 

Dine Downtown garnered over $452,000 in media coverage in only 10 days, so don’t miss the opportunity to sign up today to participate in Sunset Sips. Deadline to apply is June 2. We can’t wait to see what you mix up!

To become a sponsor for Sunset Sips, email: [email protected].

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