Winner, 2017: Milk House Shakes

Kelly Boyles, Owner

Downtown Sacramento just got a little bit sweeter with the announcement that Milk House Shakes is the winner of the 2017 Calling All Dreamers competition.

Milk House Shakes will offer a fresh twist on a classic treat with every milkshake named after a U.S. President. Featuring tasty flavors that bring presidential stories to life, Milk House Shakes will feature shakes like the “Andrew Johnson,” a creamy vanilla shake blended with sweet, ripe peaches to commemorate the first U.S. President to be impeached, the “Barack Obama,” a blend of shredded coconut and fresh pineapple in honor of his Hawaiian roots, and more.

Boyles opened a storefront at the Old Sacramento Waterfront in early 2019. Want to help?

What inspired you to start your own business?
I was inspired to start my own business because I wanted a way to combine my passion for US History and my love of milkshakes. I’ve always loved history and wanted a way to share my enthusiasm for history through milkshakes!

Why was it important for you to have your business located in downtown?
It is important that Milk House Shakes is located downtown because of the proximity to the Capitol and being able to play on the political nature and history of the city.

What does winning the competition mean for you?

Winning the competition means so much for Milk House Shakes. This gives me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and bring something unique to my community. The resources and support from the competition will allow me to share my passion for milkshakes and history and become a successful Sacramento business.

What’s your favorite milkshake?
My favorite shake is the Oreo shake – aka the Lincoln shake. He’s my favorite president so I named my favorite shake after him!

Find Milk House Shakes at 1100 Front Street, Suite 140 and online at