Homeless Outreach

Downtown Sacramento Partnership works diligently to directly impact and reduce homelessness, but it is a complex issue.

Housing is the solution to homelessness.

  • We advocate for increased capacity, diversity, and supply of housing, inclusive of scattered site housing, affordable housing, and rapid rehousing options.
  • We strongly support consistent utilization of the coordinated entry system by all service providers.
  • Implementation of whole person care services is crucial to providing services to individuals with mental and physical health challenges.

We are the boots on the ground connecting homeless to service-based solutions.

We support the efforts of local community service providers to connect homeless individuals with programs, access to care, and solutions to improve clients living conditions and quality of life by connecting them with social services and housing in order to improve their quality of life and ultimately end their state of homelessness. Since 2013, these organizations have housed 500+ individuals experiencing homelessness with providers that have connected them to permanent sustainable housing in our community.

We directly advocate for impactful solutions to homelessness.

  • We are active in the conversation and help to directly influence resource allocation to providers fighting homelessness.
  • We advocate for local municipalities and service providers to align and coordinate resources for best results.
  • The Downtown Specific Plan is a crucial guide to building more housing.

We actively manage the impacts of homelessness daily. 

  • Downtown Partnership’s Public Space Services team keeps downtown clean and safe by removing hazardous waste, illegal dumping and litter.
  • We partner with the Sacramento Police Department, City of Sacramento and Regional Transit to fund a dedicated downtown community prosecutor to deter repeat offenders and connect individuals with social services.
  • We advocate for enforcement tools to manage a safe environment and address negative public behavior like ordinances to address aggressive panhandling and parks enforcement.

To learn about additional community services available in Sacramento, visit Sacramento Steps Forward.