Downtown Live!

Beginning this summer, Downtown Sacramento Partnership is launching Downtown LIVE! and we are seeking talented musicians to entertain our community! Are you interested in performing and helping to enhance the downtown experience? SIGN UP HERE! 

Musicians will have the opportunity to perform at one of our five Downtown LIVE! ‘Stages’ during a 2-hour time slot, now through August 28, 2021. Musicians are able to collect tips and share promotional material during their onsite performance. We strongly encourage contactless payment options for tipping, such as Venmo or Virtual Tip Jar.

State and local health orders must be adhered to during your performance. View the Entertainment Guidelines here (including the City of Sacramento Noise Ordinance) you are required to follow if you choose to participate. By signing up, you are acknowledging that you have reviewed and agree to the guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will the performance area be marked out? How do I know I’m in the right place?
    • Yes, look for the a-frame stand with the Downtown LIVE! sign at your performance location.
  • The guideline mentioned that hand washing/hand sanitizing solutions must be used before, during and after performances. Will there be a bathroom nearby performers can use?
    • There are a few public sanitation/hand washing stations throughout downtown, otherwise, performers are encouraged to carry and use their own hand sanitizer.
  • Will any personnel be on site to connect with prior to the performance time?
    • No, however, Downtown Sacramento Partnership event staff contact information can be found below if you have questions. The locations are public, busker-style performance areas that provide ambient music for passersby—much like patrons would expect to see in touristy areas/heavy foot traffic areas of large cities. No supervision is provided.
  • Why do we collect address and W9 information?
    • This is in order for us to be able to pay you.


Allison Lucero, Events Manager |  [email protected]  916-287-9956
Amelia Chew, Sr. Events Coordinator | [email protected] 916-442-2500