Parking Update: SacPark is rolling out near you

sacpark 1

SacPark — the new brand of the City’s parking division — is making it easier for you and your customers to find a parking spot. During the months of August and September, SacPark meters in Zones 9-13 are being updated and signage is being added to help visitors navigate the new system. Once complete, downtown parkers can extend metered parking remotely using the Parkmobile app.

Watch for the signs!

SacPark posted street signage

SacPark Garages

To improve the parking experience in downtown garages, updates are being made to city garages to better manage parking supply and demand. Each garage will undergo updates for 2-3 week periods.

Garage update status*:

  • Memorial Garage: fully updated and operational
  • Capitol Garage: fully updated and operational
  • City Hall Garage: August 8-22
  • Tower Bridge Garage: August 24-Spetember 8
  • Old Sacramento Garage: September 12-26

During this update/construction time:

  • Monthly parking passes will be accepted as usual and will continue to be operational after construction.
  • DEPP and PTEP cardholders must trade in old access passes for new passes for use during and after construction.
    • Cardholders can trade in passes at the garage during the first 3 days of construction, following they can swap at City Hall Revenue Department.
    • If you have not been contacted about trading in old DEPP, TPEP, and validation cards, contact the Department of Public Works at (916) 264-5011.
    • Old Sacramento and Tower Bridge garage DEPP/PTEP cardholders must pay a $4 flat rate fee during construction and must present card to gain access to the garage
  • No hourly or merchant validation will be available during construction. A daily $6 flat fee rate will be the only option.
    • Once construction is complete, only new validation passes will be accepted.
    • Old validation coupons can be traded in for new coupons. Email [email protected] to request a trade of old validations for new validations.

Find the status and schedule for all garage updates on the Garage Upgrades page on

In addition to all of the above, parking meter operating hours are changing:

SacPark_Meter Op Hrs

  • Beginning Sept. 1, operating hours will be 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. Monday – Saturday for meters on streets bound by 3rd Street to the west side of 16th Street, and from W Street to C Street/Railyards Boulevard .
  • Operating hours for meters in Old Sacramento will be 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. 
  • To allow time for motorists to become acclimated to the new hours, warnings – not citations – will be issued until October 1, 2016.
  • After October 1, citations will be issued for expired meters
  • See this flyer for a full explanation of changes and updates.