Alcohol now permitted on downtown pedal bike tours

On October 4, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB530, by Senator Richard Pan. The bill now allows cities to permit alcohol on pedal bikes, such as Calling All Dreamers finalist Off the Chain Bike Bike Bus Tours. This is music to the ears of Todd Sebastian and Jason Blessinger, the owners of Off the Chain, who, along with DSP, have been pushing to get the bill passed.

With their popularity on the rise, you can see beer bikes in downtown in midtown on any given weekend, taking their riders from bar to bar. Many pedal bike companies also offer specialty tours, like Off the Chain’s upcoming Holiday Lights and City Sights tour that will take riders from the Downtown Holiday Ice Rink on 7th and K to the Theatre of Lights in Old Sacramento. Under existing law, pedal bikes are not permitted to serve alcohol to riders. However, beginning January 1, cities may being issuing permits allowing pedal bikes with as many as 15 riders to sip suds as long as a safety monitor is on board the bike.

Governor Brown and Senator Pan celebrated the signing of the bill by taking a ride through downtown Sacramento. Click here to watch the video