Minimum Wage = Maximum DSP Engagement

Back in December, Mayor Johnson, Vice Mayor Allen Warren, and Councilmember Jay Schenirer stated publicly their interest in having a discussion about increasing the minimum wage in Sacramento above what state law requires ($9/hr now with an increase to $10/hr starting January 1, 2016).

In response, DSP surveyed downtown business owners, who resoundingly opposed any increase.  Subsequently, the DSP board adopted the position at its last meeting that gave voice to those concerns, noting that enacting a minimum wage increase in Sacramento alone would put downtown at a competitive disadvantage relative to surrounding municipalities at a time when we are trying to leverage the city’s ESC investment to lure new visitors, employers, and investors.

The specifics of any proposal are likely to be crafted through an Income Equality Task Force whose formation Mayor Johnson announced at his State of the City address.  Specifics have not been fleshed out for who will serve on the task force or how it will operate, but the Partnership will continue to engage the Mayor and council members to ensure our perspective is heard.