Help the City improve its transportation network

Share your feedback – take the City’s online survey by March 4!

From enhancing livability to expanding economic development, transportation projects help create smart growth strategies the City needs in order to thrive. As Sacramento continues to evolve, the City must maintain, design, and construct new infrastructure improvements.

Do you have ideas on how the City can improve its transportation network? Share your input by taking the City’s online SURVEY by March 4.

The Department of Public Works is currently updating the Transportation Programming Guide, a reference manual that helps City Leaders identify and prioritize projects that can be constructed when funding becomes available. The update is being developed by the City Department of Public Works, Mayor’s office, Council Member offices, the City Planning commission, and residents. 

Residents are encouraged to take a few minutes to provide feedback on the following areas:

  • Major Street Improvements
  • Traffic Signals
  • Bicycle Facility Improvements
  • Streetscape Enhancements
  • Pedestrian Improvements