Consolidated Communications expands fiber in Downtown

Long before any other provider, Consolidated Communications, Inc. (CCI) and its predecessor SureWest began aggressively building fiber across the Sacramento region.

A decade later, CCI has an extensive fiber network that spans Downtown, Midtown and beyond. In fact, CCI’s fiber serviceable area covers nearly all of the properties within DSP’s district boundaries and is actively looking to “edge out” its network to new areas. CCI recently announced plans to ramp up their fiber expansion, specifically in the Downtown, Midtown and Power Inn areas.

The map shows the areas of overlap between DSP’s boundaries and CCI’s fiber-serviceable buildings. CCI offers commercial speeds up to 10GB and a wide range of solutions over its fiber network. Commercial services include data and Internet, hosted and managed services, and cloud and IT services for businesses of all sizes.

To find out more about CCI’s fiber network and commercial solutions, call 916.640.2417.

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