2013 Business Walk Results

Sarah Maren PhotographersLast September, DSP hosted the 2nd annual Downtown Business Walk with the Metro Chamber, and the City’s Economic Development Department. With the help of volunteers, consisting of business and civic leaders, 166 downtown businesses were successfully interviewed. In November, a similar group of volunteers descended on Old Sacramento to conduct a business walk, specific to the historic district. In Old Sacramento, 61 business were successfully interviewed.

For both survey locations, the conversation focused on three basic areas: how is business, what do you like about doing business in the area, and what should be done to improve doing business?

How is business? ­­­­

Downtown:  More than 40% of businesses reported business was good/great which was a 16% increase over last year’s results.  Twenty eight percent felt business was steady or fair (down from 30% in 2012) and 30% reported that business was slow/poor (34% in 2012).

Old Sacramento: A little over 1/3 of businesses, or 32% described their business asgood/great, nearly 40% stated they are steady/fair and 29% of surveyed businesses described business as slow/poor.

What do you like about doing business in Downtown/Old Sacramento?

Downtown: Clients were the top reason why retailers enjoy doing business in Downtown, followed by the location of Downtown and it being the center of activity. Respondents expressed the diversity of customers and being surrounded by a large employment sector as a positive attribute to doing business in the core.

Old Sacramento: The top reason businesses enjoyed working in Old Sacramento is the clientele followed by the location and uniqueness of the historic destination district.

What should be done to improve business in Downtown?

Downtown:  A majority of businesses reported that safety and homelessness needed to be improved upon in the core. The economy, traffic, and parking were also issues that were listed as needing to be improved.

Old Sacramento:  Of those that were interviewed 53% of business mentioned that marketing and promotions needed to be improved upon to bring more locals to Old Sacramento. A large portion of the businesses also mentioned that traffic and parking needed to be addressed. Some suggested lower rates and free parking should be offered.

Full reports available here: Downtown Sacramento Report & Old Sacramento Report

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