Streetcar voting deadline June 2

City of Sacramento voters who live within three blocks of the proposed streetcar line (see map) check your mailboxes; an all-mailed election is going on now to determine the outcome of Measure B.

A “yes” vote on Measure B will move the streetcar project forward. The streetcar provides us with the chance to connect our visitors, employees and residents alike to signature destinations: midtown, the Convention Center, the State Capitol, K Street, the planned new arena, Sacramento Valley Station, Old Sacramento, Raley Field and West Sacramento.

The Partnership continues to assist the effort to advance the downtown streetcar project as an important tool in planning for our City’s future growth. In other cities like Portland, streetcar lines have spurred redevelopment of blighted buildings, new development on vacant lots and growth in property values, retail sales and hospitality revenues – all of which increase the tax base. An analysis by Strategic Economics of Sacramento’s proposed streetcar anticipates similar results.

Last month, downtown property owners approved the streetcar project through an advisory vote. But, that was just an advisory vote. The next KEY step comes this month as residents vote to approve the project. Renters pay nothing, seniors living in affordable units pay nothing, and homeowners pay only a few dollars a month.

The time is now to invest in keeping Sacramento rolling forward. Remember to cast your vote by June 2!

Still need to register to vote? You have until May 18. Register here now!


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