Meet Old Sacramento District Director, Brooksie Hughes

Meet Brooksie Hughes, our new Old Sacramento District Director. She comes to us with big vision and is responsible for public space management and special events in Old Sacramento. Take a minute to get to know Brooksie.

Brooksie Hughes HeadshotYou relocated from New York. What was it about this position that appealed to you?
Yes, I spent almost 18 years in New York and loved living there. But I was ready for something new and Sacramento just drew me in. I have been working as a special event producer for over 20 years as well as a public space strategist consultant for the past 16 years. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to bring the many things I like about both into one place. For me, it is about the challenge of making great spaces work for all the users, creating experiences for the public, and serving a unique and diverse community.

What was your first impression of Sacramento?
I loved it! It should be known that the very first time my feet hit the ground in Sacramento was onto the Old Sacramento streets. I absolutely loved the charm, the sounds of the kids, the horses, historical buildings, restaurants, retail, and let’s not forget the waterfront. I honestly could not figure out why it was not considered the coolest place in Sacramento. There is so much possibility here.

What makes Old Sacramento so unique and special?
The history, architecture and placement on the waterfront. I think there should be more history incorporated but in a hip way. It has a chance to be this historically relevant place with waterfront activation and sophisticated retail and restaurant mix.

Sarah Maren Photographers

Sarah Maren Photographers

What are a few of the can’t-miss spots in Old Sac?
Well there are so many and I would hate to leave someone out! But that being said, I like the Delta King at sunset, Evangeline’s, Stage Nine Entertainment Store, American Legacy, Visions of Eden, the California Railroad Museum, the Underground Tours and the Artists’ Collaborative Gallery. There are some great clothing stores, too, and so much more. People just have to come and walk around to discover what is here.

What is your favorite place to dine in Old Sac?
Tough to pick a favorite but there are two that stick out. Rio City Café on the waterfront has such a great view and the food is wonderful. Ten22 has a beautiful patio and interior to match their amazing menu.

Best dessert in old sac?
I do not eat dessert, but I do love chocolate…so any of the three great chocolate stores would be my pick.

Sarah Maren Photographers

Sarah Maren Photographers

What’s your vision for Old Sacramento?
To become the place that locals just “have” to be year-round as much as it is a must-see for tourists. I would also love to see a more sophisticated mix of retail and for the history have a stronger presence that’s accessible through fun and interesting ways. Events are important to activation, so I think we need to create a strong program plan that enhances the experiences here. I also feel strongly about creating connections to the waterfront and downtown and activating it for both passive and active uses. It’s hard to really articulate it, but as someone who works and lives in here, I’ve come to realize that Old Sacramento wants to tell her story. I feel like Old Sac reveals a little more about herself to me each day. So in a way, the vision is being shown to me and I hope I am hearing it right. 

What’s your sign?

What do you do in your spare time?
LOL…I do not have any right now. But when I do, I like to hear live music, movie and wine nights with friends, take a quick road trip to beach or mountains, play tennis (but I am awful at that right now), and if I still had them, spend the day with my dogs doing anything.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee but no caffeine

Dogs or cats?

Music-related things, renting movies, walking and short runs, tennis, travel, and spending time with all kinds of animals.

Favorite quote?
“Chance favor’s the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur.

People would be surprised to know that….
I can be very shy sometimes.