Downtown Sac is Built for MLS

MLS stadium rendering courtesy of Republic FC

Credit: Republic FC

Tonight City Council will vote on a preliminary term sheet, presented by Republic FC, outlining plans for a new Downtown MLS stadium in the Railyards. If approved, the term sheet would be submitted to Major League Soccer with the goal of proving Sacramento’s viability as an expansion market. 

An MLS stadium will fuel the economic boom in Downtown Sacramento 

Coupled with entertainment and cultural venues in Downtown Sacramento and the development of residential, retail, office, and hotel space, an MLS Stadium will further reinvigorate Downtown and create economic benefits for the Sacramento Region. The high-density urban project would create the critical mass Sacramento needs to attract local and outside investors to revitalize assets surrounding the stadium and generate value throughout the Central City.  According to Capitol PFG’s Critical Mass Report, an MLS stadium would generate an estimated:

  • $200 million of gross economic activity during the construction phase of the project
  • $30.5 million of annual economic activity in the City of Sacramento and $1.24 billion over 30 years across the entire Sacramento region
  • $2.2 million in annual fiscal benefits within Sacramento County, with approximately $800,000 – $900,000 in annual direct fiscal benefits to the City of Sacramento

An MLS stadium is an investment in our city’s future

The creation of the Railyards into a walkable hub of urban activity with cultural and entertainment options will attract residents and visitors alike. The urban project would contribute to quality of life that will attract and retain the next generation of talent and future leaders of our region.

MLS stadium rendering courtesy of Republic FC

Photo Courtesy: Republic FC

For more information about the stadium’s anticipated economic impact, view the Critical Mass Report.

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