ReImagine Activation Grant Program


Downtown Sacramento Partnership is fully invested in promoting and activating a vibrant downtown. As part of these efforts, we created the ReImagine Activation Grant Program to provide micro-grants to downtown businesses and organizations seeking to activate spaces within the 66-block district managed by the Downtown Partnership.

The goal of this program is to support the need to provide community activities and experiences for residents, visitors, and businesses in downtown Sacramento. Funds should be used to support local artists, creators, performing artists, and organizations in their endeavors to increase the quality of downtown life and experiences.

Additional consideration will be given to applications that incorporate the concept of “togetherness” and creative incorporations of Downtown Partnership’s marketing campaign: “We are Downtown. Together.”


Grants of $500 will be awarded to eligible businesses and organizations until funds are depleted. Eligible businesses and organizations will receive grant payments directly once all necessary information to process payments is received, including W-9.

Businesses and organizations are eligible to re-apply for additional grants 48 hours after the conclusion of their initial activations. There is no limit on how many times a business and organization can re-apply.


To be eligible to receive a micro-grant, applicants must agree to the following statements.

1. Produce space activation(s) in August, September, and October.

2. Create an event description and submit the activation on the downtown event submission portal, powered by Sacramento 365, within 30 days of receiving the micro-grant. We also encourage social media promotion, including event listings on Facebook, etc.

3. Capture 1-3 photos and tag the Downtown Sacramento Partnership on social media using @DowntownSac and/or @OldSac (if your event is in Old Sacramento Waterfront only). -OR- Businesses must email 1-3 high-quality photos to [email protected] and provide the Rights to Use for Downtown Sacramento Partnership promotional efforts.


Other Micro-Grants Available

Fork 2 Farm Relief + Restocking Grants

Local restaurants and food-related retailers that are located in the Central City can nominate small farm and agricultural suppliers or vendors located in the six-county region for micro-grants, which will cover the expense of their overdue or currently due invoice(s).  This unique process will provide immediate financial support to local small farms, while also alleviating debt or upcoming expenses for local businesses. >> APPLY HERE

Storefront Security Assistance Program

To encourage proactive security measures, the Downtown Sacramento Partnership has developed a set of Storefront Security Standards with support from security and law enforcement professionals.  If a participating business is the victim of vandalism or property damage resulting from criminal behavior, they will be eligible for a grant from the Downtown Sacramento Partnership to directly cover the cost of their insurance deductible or storefront repair, up to $1,500 per incident.  >> APPLY HERE