New Police Observation Device Installed

Police Observation Devices

The Sacramento Police Department is always striving to get ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and technology.   For the past three years, they have utilized mobile camera technology that has proven to be a major crime deterrent and very effective in crime prevention and suspect apprehension.  Earlier this month, they started installing the latest implementation of fixed camera technology called Police Observation Devices (PODS) in Downtown at 10th St / L St.

The primary goal of this device is to serve as a highly visible crime deterrent. The PODS are clearly marked with a police logo and a flashing blue light to maximize its effect as a crime prevention tool.  If a crime occurs, recorded video can also be reviewed for potential evidence.  Some PODS are equipped with license plate reading (LPR) ability.  The LPR technology is able to quickly scan license plates and alert officers that a vehicle associated with a missing person or criminal activity is in the area.

The Sacramento Police Department respects the privacy concerns of the community and has taken measures to exclude private residences from being recorded that are not under investigation. Additional POD installations will be located in the Midtown area at 20th St and K St.