Learn what is takes to be a Good Neighbor in Old Sac

As the number one tourist destination in Sacramento, Old Sacramento businesses are joining together to help keep the district sparkling. The Downtown Sacramento Partnership, the Old Sacramento Business Association, the City of Sacramento and Republic Services are working with local businesses to create the Old Sacramento Good Neighbor Program. The program gives tips and suggestions for keeping a well-kept neighborhood as well as important numbers to call for maintenance related issues.


Property owners, merchants, tenants and residents have access to a dumpster near their building for disposal. The garbage cans on the sidewalks are reserved for visitors only. Dumpster service is managed by Republic Services through a contract with the City of Sacramento.

  • To deter scavenging, dumpsters must be locked at all times.
  • Additional keys are available by calling the Downtown Sacramento Partnership Community Services Department at (916) 442-2504.
  • If you are unsure which service court you are assigned to you may call (916) 442-8575.
  • If you believe there is abuse of your dumpster either by tenants or scavengers, please report as soon as possible to 442-2504, so that it can be investigated and corrected.


Sidewalk garbage cans are for the benefit of our visitors. Please do not discard your business garbage here. The Downtown Sacramento Partnership through a contract with the City of Sacramento manages street-level maintenance services.

  • If you see a can overflowing, please contact (916) 442-2200 to report the problem. The DSP clean streets team will come over and take care of it during daytime hours.
  • Sometimes well-meaning people leave “to-go boxes” on the lid of cans for the homeless. This is admirable, but strongly discouraged, since it creates an eyesore and encourages scavenging. If you see to-go boxes on cans or the sidewalks, please assist us in discarding them.
  • All garbage cans are being outfitted with locks to discourage scavengers. As of this date, the project is still being rolled out. If you find a lock damaged or vandalized, please let us know.


We’d like to invite you to join your fellow businesses in helping keep the area outside of your business swept. It takes the DSP clean street teams about a half a week to take the leaf blower throughout the entire district, and it can take longer during the fall or when the streets are wet. Some business owners have begun daily sweeps in front of their storefront and their neighbors, and if we all do it, it seems an easy solution to make the district just a little spiffier.

  • Cigarette Butts: To reduce the number of cigarette butts that accumulate near employee break areas and outside evening entertainment businesses, please help us in identifying places that need ashcans. Bars are encouraged to provide their own ashcans, but please contact us if you have any questions. Ashcans, should be locked to discourage scavengers. Businesses with entertainment permits are required to provide clean up for their patrons that gather outside.
  • Handbills and Flyers: The handing out of flyers and coupons is not recommended, but for businesses who do, please have employees survey the surrounding area for any flyers that have been discarded onto the sidewalk or street.
  • Tables and Benches: Throughout the day and as you close shop, please assist in keeping sidewalk tables used by your patrons clean and tidy.


Help us identify graffiti problems as soon as possible and provide documentation to help prosecute recurrent vandals.

  • Report immediately to (916) 442-2200.
  • If the graffiti is on your property and you handle painting over it, please document your costs, including supplies and labor, and any damage to the property that the vandal may be responsible for. Take a photo as soon as possible.
  • Please file a police report. If a vandal can be identified, the District Attorney’s office will prosecute.

For more information on the Good Neighbor program, please contact Chris McSwain with OSBA at (916) 442-8575.