DSP Works with Partners to Identify Solutions to Public Safety

As identified in the Downtown Sacramento Partnership’s 3-Point Plan, the foundation for future growth in Downtown Sacramento relies on environmental enhancements, economic incentives and key strategic developments. DSP’s Community Services Department, in addition to the Community Service Guides, Clean Streets Team, and the Homeless Outreach Navigators, work with both private and public partners to enhance public safety by identifying solutions to deter nuisance behavior and crime.

DSP’s Community Services Department recently created a task force to examine public safety best practices with a focus on the criminal justice perspective. The group, made up of The Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, the District Attorney’s Office and Sacramento State’s Criminal Justice Department, will look to what other cities are doing to deal with the impacts of nuisance behavior and crimes typical of urban areas. The group will then work with stakeholders to identify which strategies to implement within the Downtown environment.

The task force will conduct their first meeting at the end of this month.

For more information on the task force or DSP’s Community Services Department, contact Dion Dwyer at 916.442.8575