Central City Impact Fee (CCIF) Update

The Downtown Sacramento Partnership is actively engaged in efforts to ensure downtown Sacramento’s development climate remains competitive. It is crucial all city policies and fee structures do not jeopardize the growth and resurgence of development within the downtown core.

The City of Sacramento is currently proposing a new Central City Impact Fee (CCIF) as part of the Central City Specific Plan. The fee would be paid by new development to offset impacts to local transportation, utility, police and fire infrastructure.

In January, Downtown Partnership, along with the Central City PBIDs, submitted a letter outlining specific concerns about the fee proposal. In response, city staff have proposed the following changes:

  • Delayed implementation to July 1, 2018.
  • Updated residential fee calculations from per unit to per square foot.
    • $3.95 per sq. ft. up to 750 sq. ft., then a flat fee of $2,968.
  • Will phase the fee in over time:
    • Year 1 – 25%, Year 2 – 50%, Year 3 – 75%, Year 4 – 100%
  • Initiated a separate process to exempt affordable housing by the end of 2018.

During the first Planning & Design Commission hearing February, Commissioners had a number of questions that staff are expected to address when the item returns to the Commission on March 8. City Council is expected to take action on the proposal by the end of March. Downtown Partnership staff are continuing to push for changes as outlined above.

To learn more or participate in city hearings, contact Policy Advocate Eric Crane.